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Route Runna was established in 2008. What started out as a small A&R team running routes in the 804, through adversity CEO Antwan Williams later birthed Route Runna Management. A full service talent management and marketing company. The company specializes in working with entertainers and musicians to package their product through a variety of innovative marketing strategies. 


Route Runna Management has served Virginia and now North Carolina’s market as a lifestyle brand ambassador for Def Jam Recordings, with relationships and connections with executives, labels, artists, radio PD’s etc. As of 2015, our company secured an intern/partnership with Virginia Commonwealth University’s Mass Communications program putting Route Runna at an advantage in entertainment in the area.


Promotional campaigning street team, digital/social network/multimedia

  • College & non commercial radio promotion HBCU’s Public School Systems

  • Commercial FM Radio Promotion

  • Internet Radio

  • Email Marketing

  • Video Promotion with Premier Media Outlets


We specialize in servicing your product through a variety of innovative marketing initiatives, with our accredited network of the industry's leading dj’s, promoters, label executives, and media consultants, we can provide superior oversight to maximize your company’s growth.

As of July 2012 Route Runna Management became an active account holder to promo only for The Virginia/North Carolina market, with an extensive network of over 100 club djs, we service and track records giving the artist leverage to begin touring in the market.

With an extensive network of record pools, promoters, and tastemakers, Route Runna Management can provide assistance in marketing campaigns for album releases, singles, and to increase your presence in a variety of areas. We use the most relevant and efficient methods of promotion including; email/mp3 blasting, digital tagging, search engine marketing, and other traditional network marketing strategies.



We create clear and attainable project objectives, establish company goals, build project requirements, and manage the triple constraint for projects, which are; cost, time, and quality. Provide support for on-going projects by utilizing an abundant amount of resources. We strive to set and complete all goals at a professional level.


We do everything from identifying album concepts, to working with writers and publishers to find material, to selecting and securing producers, engineers, and guest talent. Basically, everything a label A&R executive would do in the terms of creative record making. We oversee the entire creative process.



Our company has had the pleasure to conduct marketing campaigns for Def Jam Recording Artists: 

  • Desiigner/Good Music (Panda SXSW)

  • Alessia Cara (Here)

  • Jeezy (Church In The Streets)

  • Jadakiss (T5DOA)

  • Nas (Life is Good)

  • 2Chainz (Based on a true story)

  • Kanye West/Good Music (Cruel Summer)

  • Big Sean (Dark Sky Paradise)

  • Rihanna (BBHMM)

  • Roddy Rackzz (ATL Media Mixer)

  • Nasty C (International Trap)


Chris Scholar - Abstract

Lil Get It (GMGB)

Keem Keem (Stripes) + more!

Independent Unsigned Talent

  • Music Review (Calendy)

  • Consultation

  • Eblast

  • Influencer Promo

  • Lease A Manager

  • Social Media Promo

  • Content

  • Management

  • Development/Promotion

  • Fan Engagement

  • Street Team

  • Media

  • Influencers

  • College Marketing

  • Social Media Management

  • Promo Tour

  • Artist Development

  • Special Events

Jadakiss #T5DOA

Jadakiss #T5DOA

Desiigner Panda

Desiigner Panda

Kendra Jae

Kendra Jae

2Chainz - Based On A True Story

2Chainz - Based On A True Story

Nasty C - International Trap

Nasty C - International Trap

Alessia Cara - Here

Alessia Cara - Here

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